A Personal Message From Jeannette

family.pngWelcome. My name is Jeannette Chau and I am running to be your candidate for the federal liberal nomination for the new riding of Mississauga-Erin Mills. I live in the riding and look forward to serving you.

I am a professional engineer with over 20 years of industry and business experience, a community volunteer, a proud mother and spouse. I was born in Toronto and moved to Mississauga-Erin Mills nine years ago to raise my family and build our community. I believe that I have the skills, the background, the desire, and the ability to represent this riding well.

As a life-long Liberal and having helped in election campaigns, I believe in the democratic process and the ability to influence change. As I have gotten more involved in politics I have come to realize that I could make a stronger difference and would like this opportunity to do so together with you.

I believe in a large and strong middle-class, affordable education, a national transportation strategy, a healthy environment, evidence-based decision making, and vibrant communities.

I would bring a much needed different perspective to government:

  • As an engineer (there are only four professional engineers in the House of Commons today out of 308 seats in an era where more and more decisions are technology and scientifically based),
  • As a female (only a quarter of MPs are women),
  • As a member of a visible minority (I am of Chinese descent), and
  • As a former Canadian Forces Reserves Captain (I had the privilege to serve for nine years)

These under-represented perspectives are needed at the decision making table.

At the same time, I represent a great majority of you – as a parent, spouse, neighbour and working individual.

I love the community where I live. I am proud of being Canadian. I have been blessed with opportunities. I came from a working-class immigrant family and achieved a measure of success as a professional. I believe it is harder now for many to achieve a basic middle-class lifestyle.

I want my children and yours to have the same chances I did. The green spaces to play in, an affordable education, the financial ability to purchase a home, the security of a steady paycheque to plan and save. I will work hard to be a strong voice for you and to ensure that the next generation will continue to prosper.

Support my Nomination for Liberal MP candidate in Mississauga-Erin Mills. Get involved.

I need your help and together we can make a difference.


Jeannette Chau, P.Eng., MBA



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